The Twilight Wanderer

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
Alice, Girl of the LakeAlice, Fairy Queen RulerJ-Ruler Light L Rare
TTW-002 Alice’s Little Supply Force Resonator Light L Common
TTW-003 Arthur Pendragon, King of the Round Table Resonator Light L Super Rare
TTW-004 Elaine, the Fairy Resonator Light L Uncommon
TTW-005 Fairy of the Lake Resonator Light L Common
TTW-006 Galahad, The Son of the God Resonator Light L Uncommon
TTW-007 Gawain, the Knight of the Sun Resonator Light L Rare
TTW-008 Gloria’s Castle Town Addition : Field (Castle) Light L Rare
TTW-009 Grand Cross Spell : Chant Light L Rare
TTW-010 Justice of God’s Sword Spell : Chant – Standby Light L Common
TTW-011 Light Sprite Resonator Light L Common
TTW-012 Nimue, the Fairy Resonator Light L Uncommon
TTW-013 Perceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail Resonator Light L Rare
TTW-014 Pride of Knights Spell : Chant – Instant Light L Common
TTW-015 Protection of the Fairies Addition : Resonator Light L Common
TTW-016 The Final Word Spell : Chant – Instant Light L Uncommon
TTW-017 Viviane, Lady of the Lake Resonator Light L Super Rare
TTW-018 Young Knight of Gloria Resonator Light L Common
TTW-019 Barrier of Flame Addition : Field Fire F Rare
TTW-020 Beat of the Phoenix Wings Spell : Chant Fire F Rare
TTW-021 Burn to Cinders Spell : Chant – Instant Fire F Common
TTW-022 Caldera-Born Dragon Resonator Fire F Uncommon
TTW-023 Flame Dragon Commandant Resonator Fire F Uncommon
TTW-024 Flame Sprite Resonator Fire F Common
TTW-025 Flamewing Wyvern Reasonator Fire F Common
TTW-026 Flash of Demon Sword Spell : Chant – Standby Fire F Common
TTW-027 Guinevere, the Jealous Queen Resonator Fire F Rare
TTW-028 Hector de Maris, the Acolyte of Mad Demon Resonator Fire F Uncommon
TTW-029 Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon Resonator Fire F Rare
TTW-030 Magic Matchstick Addition : Resonator Fire F Common
TTW-031 Phoenix, the Flame of the World Resonator Fire F Super Rare
Sylvia Gill PalariliasSylvia Gill Palarilias (J) RulerJ-Ruler Fire F Rare
TTW-033 Sylvia’s Clanmate Resonator Fire F Common
TTW-034 Sylvia’s Roar Spell : Chant – Instant Fire F Uncommon
TTW-035 The Little Match Girl Resonator Fire F Super Rare
TTW-036 Whelp Drake Resonator Fire F Common
TTW-037 Adombrali, the Unfathomable Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
TTW-038 Consuming Suspiscion Addition : Resonator Water Wa Common
TTW-039 Hera, Goddess of Jealousy Resonator Water Wa Rare
TTW-040 Insomniac Dormouse Resonator Water Wa Common
TTW-041 Invasion Ship, Golden Hind Addition : Field Water Wa Rare
TTW-042 Laying the Foundation Spell : Chant – Instant Water Wa Common
TTW-043 Leviathan, the First of the Sea Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
TTW-044 Maritime Lookout Resonator Water Wa Common
TTW-045TTW-045J Valentina, Plotting Lord of the SeasOverlord of the Seven Lands, Valentina RulerJ-Ruler Water Wa Rare
TTW-046 Sane Hatter Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
TTW-047 Send Back Spell : Chant Water Wa Common
TTW-048 September Hare Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
TTW-049 Suseri-hime, Goddess of Passion Resonator Water Wa Rare
TTW-050 The Overload’s Baptism Spell : Chant Water Wa Rare
TTW-051 The Overlord’s Invasion Party Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
TTW-052 Valentina’s Zealot Resonator Water Wa Common
TTW-053 Wall of Ideas Spell : Chant – Instant Water Wa Uncommon
TTW-054 Water Sprite Resonator Water Wa Common
TTW-055 Beastly Attack Spell : Chant – Instant Wind Wi Common
TTW-056 Drop of Yggdrasil Addition : Resonator Wind Wi Common
TTW-057 Familiar of Refrain Resonator Wind Wi Common
TTW-058 Final Forfeit Spell : Chant – Instant Wind Wi Uncommon
TTW-059 Fruit of Yggdrasil Resonator Wind Wi Common
TTW-060 Holy Ground of the Four Sacred Beasts Addition : Field Wind Wi Rare
TTW-061 Hraesvelgr, Drinker of Death Resonator Wind Wi Rare
TTW-062 Pricia, Beast Queen in Hiding Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
TTW-063TTW-063J Reflect, Child of PotentialRefrain, Child of Convergence RulerJ-Ruler Wind Wi Rare
TTW-064 Rewriting Laws Spell:Chant Wind Wi Common
TTW-065 Servant of Reflect Resonator Wind Wi Common
TTW-066 Spell-Weaver Elf Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
TTW-067 Spirit of Yggdrasil Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
TTW-068 The Beast Queen’s Counterattack Spell : Chant Wind Wi Rare
TTW-069 The Beast Queen’s Guardian Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
TTW-070 Vedfolnir, Eraser of Wind Resonator Wind Wi Rare
TTW-071 Wind Sprite Resonator Wind Wi Common
TTW-072 Ziz, the Bird that Envelopes the Sky Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
TTW-073 Barrier of Shadows Addition : Field Darkness D Rare
TTW-074 Black Ribbon Addition : Resonator Darkness D Common
TTW-075 Dance of the Shadows Spell : Chant – Instant Darkness D Uncommon
TTW-076TTW-076J Girl in Twilight Garb
Dark Alice, Maiden of Slaughter
RulerJ-Ruler Darkness D Rare
TTW-077 Dark Alice’s Familiar Resonator Darkness D Common
TTW-078 Dark Alice’s Shadow Warrior Resonator Darkness D Common
TTW-079 Dark Arla, the Shadow Wing Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
TTW-080 Dark Faria, Shadow Princess of Ebony Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
TTW-081 Dark Melgis, the Shadow Flame Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
TTW-082 Dark Rezzard, the Dying Shadow Resonator Darkness D Rare
TTW-083 Elisabeth, Shadow Princess of Blood Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
TTW-084 Jeanne d’Arc, Shadow Princess of Purity Resonator Darkness D Rare
TTW-085 Progenitor Demon Resonator Darkness D Common
TTW-086 Recollection of Dystopia Spell : Chant Darkness D Rare
TTW-087 Shadow Assassin Resonator Darkness D Common
TTW-088 Shadow Doppelganger Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
TTW-089 The Scorn of Dark Alice Spell : Chant Darkness D Common
TTW-090 Unseen Pressure Spell : Chant – Instant Darkness D Common
TTW-091 Dark Machina, Gliding Shadow Resonator Void Void Rare
TTW-092 Deployable Defense Device Resonator Void Void Uncommon
TTW-093 Mass Produced Giant Land Mine Resonator Void Void Common
TTW-094 Mechanical Knight Resonator Void Void Common
TTW-095 Mechanical Sprite Resonator Void Void Common
TTW-096 Change the World, Orb of Illusion Regalia Void Void Rare
TTW-097 Excalibur, the God’s Sword Regalia Void Void Rare
TTW-098 Excalibur, the Spirit God’s Sword Regalia Void Void Rare
TTW-099 Laevateinn, the Demon Sword Regalia Void Void Rare
TTW-100 Schrödinger, the Fallen Black Cat Regalia Void Void Rare
TTW-101 Fairy’s Memoria Special Magic Stone Light L Rare
TTW-102 Ruler’s Memoria Special Magic Stone Rare
TTW-103 Sacred Beast’s Memoria Special Magic Stone Wind Wi Rare
TTW-104 Shadow’s Memoria Special Magic Stone Darkness D Rare
TTW-105 Unyielding Flame’s Memoria Special Magic Stone Fire F Rare
TTW-106 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone Darkness D No Rarity
TTW-107 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone Fire F No Rarity
TTW-108 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone Light L No Rarity
TTW-109 Water Magic Stone Magic Stone Water Wa No Rarity
TTW-110 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone Wind Wi No Rarity