The Moon Priestess Returns

The Moon Priestess Returns is the sixth Japanese expansion in the Trading Card Game and is the fifth English expansion. This is the third set of the Grimm Cluster block.

Contains 105 Cards:

  • 10 Super Rares
  • 27 Rares
  • 20 Uncommons
  • 40 Commons
  • 8 Magic Stones
MPR-001 “I”, the Pilot Resonator Light L Rare
MPR-002 Abel, the Avenger of Gods Resonator Light L Super Rare
MPR-003 Accede the Light Spell : Chant – Instant Light L Common
MPR-004 Apostle of Paradise Resonator Light L Common
MPR-005 Book of Genesis Addition : Field Light L Uncommon
MPR-006 Genesis Creation Spell : Chant Light L Rare
MPR-007 Holy Warrior of Hope Resonator Light L Common
MPR-008 Jekyll, the Order Resonator Light L Uncommon
MPR-009 Mind Reading Fox Resonator Light L Uncommon
Pandora, the Weaver of Myth
Grimmia, the Savior of Myth
Light L Rare
MPR-011 Ragnarok, the Divine Sword of Savior Addition : J/Resonator (Weapon) Light L Rare
MPR-012 Savior of Splendor Spell : Chant – Instant Light L Uncommon
MPR-013 Seal of Grimmia Addition : Resonator (Seal) Light L Common
MPR-014 Sign to the Future Spell : Chant – Standby Light L Common
MPR-015 Speaker of Creation Resonator Light L Common
MPR-016 Sweet Rose Addition : Resonator (Flower) Light L Common
MPR-017 The Little Prince Resonator Light L Super Rare
MPR-018 White Spirit Resonator Light L Common
MPR-019 Akashic Records of Eternal Flame Addition : Field (Relic) Fire F Rare
MPR-020 Apostle of Cain Resonator Fire F Common
Apostle of Creation
Cain, the Traitor of Gods
Fire F Rare
MPR-022 Black Goat Resonator Fire F Common
MPR-023 Blazer, the Eater of Dimensions Resonator Fire F Super Rare
MPR-024 Bullet of Envy Addition : J/Resonator (Weapon) Fire F Common
MPR-025 Cain Complex Spell : Chant-Standby Fire F Uncommon
MPR-026 Crime and Punishment Spell : Chant – Instant Fire F Common
MPR-027 Eden, the Crimson Garden Addition : Field Fire F Uncommon
MPR-028 Forty Thieves Resonator Fire F Common
MPR-029 Glyph of Unkill Addition : Resonator Fire F Common
MPR-030 Jabal, the Grandsire of Nomads Resonator Fire F Common
MPR-031 Jubal, the Grandsire of Musicians Resonator Fire F Uncommon
MPR-032 Shubb-Niggurath, the Goddess of Fertility Resonator Fire F Super Rare
MPR-033 Spawn of Blazer Resonator Fire F Common
MPR-034 Split Heaven and Earth Spell : Chant Fire F Rare
MPR-035 The First Lie Spell : Chant – Instant Fire F Uncommon
MPR-036 The Hound of Tindalos Resonator Fire F Rare
MPR-037 Apollosphere, the Moon Lance Addition : J/Resonator (Treasury Item) Water Wa Rare
MPR-038 Campanella, the Milky Way Moon Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
MPR-039 Dark Shining Swordsman Resonator Water Wa Common
MPR-040 Elixir of Immortality Addition : Resonator Water Wa Common
MPR-041 Etna, the Snow Queen Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
MPR-042 Fallen Comet Spell : Chant Water Wa Rare
MPR-043 Glimpse of Kaguya Spell : Chant – Instant Water Wa Rare
MPR-044 Joyful Bird-Catcher Resonator Water Wa Common
MPR-045 Kai, the Frozen Heart Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
Moon Princess of Stellar Wars
Kaguya, the Immortal Princess
Water Wa Rare
MPR-047 Moonglow Bird Resonator Water Wa Common
MPR-048 Pilot of Universe Resonator Water Wa Common
MPR-049 Shooting Star Spell : Chant – Instant Water Wa Uncommon
MPR-050 The Milky Way Addition : Field Water Wa Common
MPR-051 Total Eclipse Spell : Chant – Standby Water Wa Common
MPR-052 Tsukuyomi, the Moon City Addition : Field (Moon/City) Water Wa Uncommon
MPR-053 Yang Mage of Decrescent Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
MPR-054 Yin Mage of Increscent Resonator Water Wa Common
MPR-055 Aladdin’s Lamp Addition : Field (Treasury Item) Wind Wi Rare
MPR-056 Ali Baba, The Earnest Worker Resonator Wind Wi Common
MPR-057 Art of Sinbad Spell : Chant – Instant Wind Wi Common
MPR-058 Barrier Field Addition : Field Wind Wi Uncommon
MPR-059 Djinn, the Spirit of Lamp Resonator Wind Wi Rare
MPR-060 Exceed, the Ancient Magic Spell : Chant – Instant Wind Wi Uncommon
MPR-061 Familiar of Holy Wind Resonator Wind Wi Common
MPR-062 Fiethsing, the Magus of Holy Wind Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
MPR-063 Flying Carpet Addition : Resonator (Arcane Item) Wind Wi Common
Liberator of Wind
Scheherazade, the Teller of 1001 Stories
Wind Wi Rare
MPR-065 Morgiana, the Wise Servant Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
MPR-066 Open Sesame Spell : Chant – Standby Wind Wi Common
MPR-067 Rukh Resonator Wind Wi Common
MPR-068 Sinbad, the Windrider Merchant Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
MPR-069 Stories Told in 1001 Nights Spell : Chant – Instant Wind Wi Rare
MPR-070 Survivor of Heaven Castle Resonator Wind Wi Common
MPR-071 Wind Dagger Addition : Resonator (Weapon) Wind Wi Common
MPR-072 Wiseman of Winds Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
MPR-073 Acolyte of Darkness Resonator Darkness D Common
MPR-074 Awakening at the End Spell : Chant Darkness D Rare
MPR-075 Bind of Gravity Addition : Resonator Darkness D Common
MPR-076 Black Miasma Spell : Chant – Instant Darkness D Common
MPR-077 Black Moon Addition : Field Darkness D Uncommon
MPR-078 Byakhee, the Winged Lady Resonator Darkness D Rare
MPR-079 Call of Cthulhu Spell : Chant – Standby Darkness D Common
Fiend of Dark Pyre
Nyarlathotep, the Faceless God
Darkness D Rare
MPR-081 Hyde, the Chaos Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
MPR-082 King in Yellow Resonator Darkness D Common
MPR-083 Phantasm of Void Resonator Darkness D Common
MPR-084 Shantak Resonator Darkness D Common
MPR-085 Sheharyar, the Distrust King Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
MPR-086 Shining Trapezohedron Addition : Field Darkness D Rare
MPR-087 Void Blast Spell : Chant – Instant Darkness D Uncommon
MPR-088 Yellow Sign Addition : Resonator Darkness D Common
MPR-089 Yog-Sothoth, the Dark Myth Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
MPR-090 Zero, the Magus of Null Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
MPR-091 Alice, the Guardian of Dimensions Resonator Light L / Water Wa Rare
MPR-092 Apollobreak, the Moon Blast Spell : Chant – Instant Light L / Water Wa Rare
MPR-093 Flame of Outer World Spell : Chant – Instant Fire F / Darkness D Rare
MPR-094 Gherta, the Tear of Passion Resonator Fire F / Water Wa Rare
MPR-095 Giovanni, the Lonely Child Resonator Water Wa / Wind Wi Rare
MPR-096 Hastur, the Unspeakable Resonator Fire F / Darkness D Rare
MPR-097 Seth, the Arbiter Resonator Light L / Darkness D Rare
MPR-098 Little Red, the Pure Stone Special Magic Stone / True Magic Stone Super Rare
MPR-099 Magic Stone of Moon Light Special Magic Stone Moon Moon Rare
MPR-100 Magic Stone of Moon Shade Special Magic Stone Moon Moon Rare
MPR-101 Magic Stone of Darkness Magic Stone Darkness D Common
MPR-102 Magic Stone of Flame Magic Stone Fire F Common
MPR-103 Magic Stone of Light Magic Stone Light L Common
MPR-104 Magic Stone of Water Magic Stone Water Wa Common
MPR-105 Magic Stone of Wind Magic Stone Wind Wi Common