Help Send Ken “Robert” Tober to Japan!


Thank you for taking the time to visit my page! I’m trying to raise money for Ken Tober’s trip to the Force of Will World Championship in Japan. Ken has earned an invitation to play in this event TWICE, but does not have the funds to pay for the trip.

ken2Ken has been playing competitive card games for over 15 years, and recently his experience and skill have taken him farther than most players. In the last few months alone he has placed top 4 in TWO area grand prix events (250+ players), and placed first at the ARG Circuit Series as well as ARG States. No one is more deserving than Ken to play with Team USA in Japan this year. He is the best suited player to bring home a victory!

ken4Ken is a math teacher and absolutely loves his job. He began the local card club at his high school in an effort give students a safe place to play Force of Will and learn valuable skills of probability, sportsman ship, and critical thinking. He is currently working very hard to take the club on a field trip to the AGP in Kissimmee, FL this July. He’s gone before the school board, held fundraisers, and more to help his students pay for their trip.

After all he has accomplished, and all he has given back to the Force of Will community, I wish nothing more than for us to come together and support him on his way to Japan. Your donation will mean so much to him. I know if Ken had the means, he would have purchased his airplane ticket to Japan already!

Thank you for reading this, now click that donate button and let’s get Ken to Japan!!




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